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       I didn't build Onthec for the money, it was started because it allowed me to be creative. From designing, creating content, building the brand and creating an image, it's an entire process that I genuinely enjoy doing.
       In the situation we were in, I couldn't of started Onthec at the worst time. We were losing our main source of income, losing health insurance, baby on the way and no set plan on what we were going to do when I got out of the military.  We had 3 months of leave saved up to help get us on our feet. I pretty much drained our savings starting the brand. Was it a dumb idea? Probably, but sometimes you just have to make things happen. 
       That's just me tho, making sporadic in the moment decisions because if I sit and contemplate it then eventually I'll put it off long enough to lose the drive. We both work full time jobs and have our little girl Nei to take care of, we take 0% out of Onthec.
       Being 100, it hasn't put any money in my pocket. Not because shit doesn't sell, but because I reinvest it. Creating these clothes is what allows me to express my creativeness.
       The content you see allows me to express my creativeness. 
       This company, brand, whatever you want to call it is something I am mad passionate about. The people that represent it and the people who support it are what matter most when it comes to us.
     - Zac

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